Marley, I really wish you'd stop tarring all white people with the racist brush. Yeah, I'm white. So what. We moved to the country because I worked 45 miles further west at a nuclear power plant out in the desert, but still close enough to my husband's work that we'd each have a decent commute. At the time, we HAD no neighbors.

We bought in a horse property community because--guess what--we could have horses, and a pony for the kids, and do some gardening. When we first built out here, we had no neighbors to speak of. We now have Hispanic, Black and White neighbors.

I DON'T CARE that my next door neighbors are Hispanic. I do care that their daughters speak fluent English, as I don't speak Spanish. If we ever throw a block party, I'll invite all the neighbors, but a lot of them won't come because we don't serve beer or other alcoholic beverages. People get segregated for a lot of reasons.

I'm a gleefully retired nuclear engineer, wife, mother and (new) grandmother. We live in Arizona in a rural neighborhood. I retired early to write and travel.

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